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Cotton bed fabrics are sold locally

Editor:平湖市新保纺织科技有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-11-14 

Recently, the marketing of bed fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City has been smooth, and some cotton-printed bedclothes and cotton-printed quilts have been added to the spot market, and the transaction has been partially smooth, and local marketing highlights have appeared.

In the recent market, the spot market of pure cotton printed bed linen and cotton printed quilt cover has increased day by day, and the overall market turnover has increased. The special width is 250CM, which is made of pure cotton combed yarn 40S×40S, 133×72 twill active printing quilt cover. The counterparts choose the flower pattern, which is mainly based on small batch and multi-variety matching. The special width is 230CM, which is made of pure cotton carded yarn 40S×40S and 133×72 twill active printing quilt. The matching pattern of the customers is also selected by small batches and multiple varieties. The special width is 235CM, which is made of pure cotton carded yarn 40S×40S and 128×68 twill active printing quilt cover. The counterpart customers also purchase some styles of refurbished patterns in small batches and multiple varieties.

In the recent market, the number of merchants who came to subscribe in the secondary market and apparel manufacturers began to increase, and the new fabrics in the market were listed. Cotton active positioning printed quilt cover, cotton active whole printed bed linen, cotton-dyed colorful quilt cover, cotton-dyed plaid linen, pure cotton-dyed plaid, single cotton, cotton jacquard printed bed linen, Pure cotton jacquard printed quilt cover and cotton high-density active printed flannel bedclothes, cotton high-density jacquard printing active quilt cover cloth, cotton high-density embroidered quilt cloth and other widths 160CM-280CM and other new and old varieties have their own sales. Among them, 280CM wide cotton 80S/2 yarn-40S yarn active whole printing twill quilt cover, active positioning printing twill quilt cover and pure cotton 80S/2 yarn-40S yarn active whole printing medium and high density bed linen, active positioning printing Medium and high-density bed sheets have been continuously purchased by small batches and large varieties of large and medium-sized cities in the southeastern coastal areas. Occasionally, the secondary market will be sold in a single batch to enlarge or match in large quantities.

Recently, China Textile City's home textile market has been covered by quilt sheets, and the spot transaction has been widely distributed. The order shipments are small and the sales are constantly showing up, and the sales are expanding day by day.

In the past few days, the extra wide 235CM is made of pure cotton carded yarn 40S×40S, 128×68 active printed twill quilt cover. There are many batches of spot transactions, some of the more fashionable styles of carded yarn fabrics, locality There are bulk subscriptions. Pure cotton carded yarn, pure cotton semi-finished yarn, new flower-type active printed bed linen, and active printed quilt cover fabric, continue to be accepted by foreign merchants for daily small-lot and multi-variety pattern purchase, mostly based on small-volume dispersion matching. Some of Guizhou's Zunyi and Hubei Wuhan counterparts mainly subscribed for small-lot and multi-variety pattern matching, and occasionally multi-variety flower group purchases were small and medium-sized. Wide width 250CM, pure cotton carded yarn 40S × 40S, 133 × 72 specifications twill active printed bed linen, reactive printed quilt cover, up to now cotton carded yarn, semi-combed yarn or full combed yarn There are small batches and varieties of flowers in stock, and local small batches and varieties of color patterns are sold.

In the recent market, T/C polyester-cotton printed bed linen and T/C polyester-cotton printed quilt cover are made of T/C polyester/cotton yarn 32S×32S floral printed fabric, which is locally covered by Guangxi Yulin, Guizhou Zunyi, Hubei Hunchun, etc. The cross-country merchants of various types of roads have a variety of flower-type matching transactions, and occasionally the transaction volume is relatively large. Some batches are directly transported to the apparel manufacturing enterprises by the counterpart merchants for reprocessing and packaged and consigned.

Recently, the traditional market has been steadily increasing the number of old and new stocks of bed sheets, and the basic models of new and old varieties have been sold, which has become a new highlight in the autumn market fabrics.

In the past few days, cotton printed bed linen and cotton printed quilt cover have been sold by customers in Guangxi, Fujian, Hubei, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places, and local transactions have been slightly increased compared with the previous period, especially pure cotton yarn. 40S×40, 32S×32S, 80S/2×80S/2 counterparts, small-volume and multi-variety pattern purchases, cotton yarn 40S×40S counterparts, occasional variety of flower fabrics are Hubei, Small and medium-sized group purchases and transactions of merchants in Guangxi and other places, the transaction was partially smooth.