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Jinmian fabric winter and spring varieties interact, green fabrics are favored

Editor:平湖市新保纺织科技有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-11-14 

In the recent China Textile City market, there are many varieties of Jinmian fabrics, some of the former shop-and-shop-style cloth companies and large-scale business owners, and the creative style fabrics are well received by the secondary market counterparts of North and South merchants and garment manufacturers. Local marketing is relatively smooth.

In the recent market, the winter and spring varieties of Jinmian fabrics interacted, and some cloth companies and large-scale sales outlets were relatively active in spot transactions and orders. The new style of twill, satin, irregular chaotic and flat texture, twill change organization, and satin-changing kapok fabrics in the nylon-cotton casual fabrics are soft and smooth, and are popular among counterparts. Due to the novel style and creative style, and the variety of products on the market, the daily transactions have also risen in different degrees, and the purchase orders of the counterpart apparel manufacturers are more active. Jinmian sanding, Jinmian elastic, Jinmian twill, Jinmian elastic satin, Jinmian elastic double-sided oblique active dyeing fabrics are partially sold. The sales volume of medium-thick products of Jinjin stretch fabrics with both fashion cotton fabrics and spandex yarns increased. The localized Jinmao plush is also relatively competitive. With Jinmian composite fabric, Jinmian coated fabric and Jinmian plus metal silk memory fashion fabric, Jinmian plus metal silk imitation memory fashion fabric, small batches and multiple varieties of local transactions are also relatively smooth.

Recently, some textile and cotton fabrics companies and large-scale sales outlets of Jinmian leisure fashion fabrics are relatively active. Some of the clothing manufacturers in this series mainly focus on the production of casual tops, casual trousers and jackets for men and women in the winter and spring seasons, and the domestic market demand is active. Due to the increase in spring clothing orders from various garment manufacturers, the market advantage of the front-and-back factory-type cloth company through the green environmental protection eco-certified fabrics is obvious. Some garment factory purchasers have increased their spring clothing orders due to the export market, and passed the green environmental protection certification. The fabrics are favored, and the local purchases are still increasing. The prices of fashionable fabrics are rising steadily, and the added value of fabrics is still higher than that of the road products.

In the recent market, the spring casual fashion Jinmian cloth is the first to go, with 70D nylon silk × 16S / C + 32S / C, 152 × 82 specifications chaotic cotton fabric, 70D nylon silk × 21S / C, 133 × 72 specifications of cotton silk, 70D nylon Silk × 40S / JC + 21S / JC, 152 × 78 specifications Jinmianzi mother strip, 70D semi-gloss nylon yarn × 21S / C, 110 × 76 specifications semi-gloss nylon cotton and other spring casual fabrics, some cloth companies and scale The listing of sex-selling stores has increased, and orders are relatively active. With 70D nylon silk × 30S / C specifications of cotton cloth, local marketing is also quite smooth. In the spring, the new style of cotton and cotton casual fashion fabrics has a twill, satin, chaotic and flat grain change organization, a twill change organization, and a satin-printed cotton fabric. The texture is soft and smooth, which is popular among counterparts.

In addition to flat-panel dyeing, the above-mentioned nylon-cotton casual fashion fabrics also have PU, PA, PVC coated fabrics and coated composite fabrics. The styles are relatively novel and creative, and the variety of products on the market is numerous. A slight increase, some pre- and post-factory-style cloth companies, production enterprises and large-scale sales, and buyers of counterpart apparel manufacturers are more active.